Imagine IC is pioneering the heritage of our present lives together. We
embark on urban voyages of discovery in search of stories about everyday
life in today’s constantly changing society. We collect these stories in
an innovative way, both on the street and online, and develop them into
digital, visual productions. They are then returned as new heritage to the
society that generated them.

Our society is rapidly changing. Existing values and customs are shifting
through the physical and virtual mobility of people and ideas. What was
once a given is now losing ground in our digitalised, globalised society.
Imagine IC aims to provide a new basis with new heritage that forges new
social connections. From its headquarters in Amsterdam South-East, Imagine
IC seeks the latest customs and values in co-operation with all the people
who live here and will come here.

Imagine IC was launched in 1999 as the “Image Collection Building”; it
opted for the name “Imagine Identity and Culture” in 2001. Our objective
was to present the identity and culture of migrants and their descendents
in the Netherlands, and to make this information available to a broadly
based public. In our early years, we functioned as a catalyst for projects
that focused on the collecting and recording of migrant heritage. Imagine
IC was one of the first cultural institutes in the Netherlands to allow
the general public access to archive materials about Dutch migration
history. It also encouraged the production of new visual stories. Here,
the emphasis was on stories about and by the oldest generation of migrants
in the Netherlands and their descendents.

Storytellers of all backgrounds are now creating visual productions at
Imagine IC that describe their lives, their neighbourhood, their city and
their country. We collect and present these contemporary stories as future
heritage at exhibitions and other events. Imagine IC is thereby adding to
the enrichment of the concept and substance of Dutch heritage, and is also
making a sustainable contribution to an inclusive view of the Netherlands’
history, identity and future.

Imagine IC
Frankemaheerd 2
1102 AN Amsterdam
T: 020 489 48 66
E: e-mail: info@imagineic.nl
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Danielle Kuijten

Marlous Willemsen

Martin van Engel

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Chairman: Amy Koopmanschap
Treasurer: Willem van der Steen
Secretary: Kai Pattipilohy
And: Francio Guadeloupe, Saskia Grotenhuis and Afelonne Doek