Imagine IC documents, presents and discusses everyday life in the neighbourhood and in the city, with the intention to complement the heritage of the city and the country.

Our view of heritage

In today's Amsterdam, we see more and more people sharing the city who know less and less of each other. The obvious of yesterday is no longer the obvious of today. Living together inevitably leads to friction. At the same time, a new daily life arises offline and online. By means of participatory heritage work, Imagine IC intends to document today's social relations. To document them AND to improve them – by realizing negotiations between people with highly divergent backgrounds who will discuss the heritage of their time, identify it, and, by doing so, gain insight into other people's positions and ambitions (empathy).

Download and read: 'What we are, what we do, and why' a talk by Marlous Willemsen, Imagine IC Director, at the Critical Heritage of Europe reasearch project’s international PhD seminar Curating the City, by the University of Amsterdam at Tolhuistuin, 18 January 2018.

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